by Maki Yamamoto



I really like to dance.

I like to dance. I dance a lot. I express myself more easily through dance than with words. I often refer to myself as a dance enthusiast, but I’m trying to get better about simply calling myself a dancer: one who dances.

My Choreography and Choreography Collaborations

These are some of the pieces I’ve worked on. I love creating, and hope to keep adding more videos to this section in the years to come. I have a host of other videos of dances I choreographed in 2006-2008, but they’re still on dusty DVDs. One day I’ll transfer them to online video sharing sites.

Videos from The Galen Hooks Method Intensives

Dance Studios in New York

Whenever I take a dance class, I’ll usually post the dance on my Instagram Stories in an effort to gain more confidence about my dancing/body and to record my progress. Do you live in NYC? Let’s take a class together! I take classes at the following NYC studios (in alphabetical order):

  • Alvin Ailey: Contemporary and modern classes here are 💯 (obviously).

  • At Your Beat - Brooklyn: Started in London. You get to dance in front of a very cool backdrop with very lovely people.

  • Banana Skirt: High energy!

  • Broadway Bodies: The motto here is F the choreography! Come here if you like a supportive atmosphere.

  • Broadway Dance Center: AN INSTITUTION. Amazing guest choreographers do workshops here all of the time.

  • Killer Bodies: Meli’s personality is infectious. I can’t wait to go to more of her classes!

  • Liberated Movement: High quality donation-based dance classes!

  • Steps on Broadway: This is the studio I went to the most when I first moved to NYC. Tap classes here are the best.

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